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Sal Guy


Born and raised in Southern California, Guy attended Fullerton College in Southern California majoring in Business Administration. After a number of years in the Aerospace industry Guy helped found a successful communications company. In 1991 Guy moved to Las Vegas, struck out on his own and started Airwaves of Nevada and Special Events Communications, both successful Mobile Communications firms.


Subsequent to the events of 9/11, Guy took on the challenge of operating a revolutionary non-profit organization called The American Help Foundation. This organization developed sponsorships with local business as well as Fortune 500 firms. For over five years, Guy was a primary force in changing hundreds of people’s lives with programs all designed to promote and teach self-sufficiency and personal accountability.


In 2007 Guy joined Stable Development in the capacity of Operations Manager focusing on implementing company strategies to increase efficiency, maintain quality, and ensure continuous improvement. He brings to this position the same customer service skills utilized in growing both for profit and non-profit businesses. His goal is to ensure that Stables tenants experience the same level of care and problem solving he has shown throughout his 35 year career.


Guy assists the Stable Development construction team including their in-house architect with tenant improvements and shell construction. He also oversees all legal matters for both Reliant Property Management and Stable Development.


Guy is also actively involved in all of Stable Development and Reliant Property Management’s marketing, community outreach and corporate events with their marketing firm Brand Ltd. Guy is a major supporter of spearheading all of the business community efforts to ensure all tenants are actively networking with each other to drive new business and awareness for their companies.


And on a personal note, Guy and his wife of 29 years love the Lake Tahoe area and make frequent trips to LA for the Dodgers and Laker’s games.