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      Revolutionizing The Leasing of Office Space. Learn why Ownership has its Privileges.

      Standard Leasing Options Available Renting commercial space is a big responsibility for any business and Stable Development will assist you in finding the perfect space
      for your needs. We have several corporate office parks that cater to Las Vegas and Henderson-based businesses with easy access to all major freeways.
      We have standard leasing options available for Class A space around the valley with competitive rates. Whether your company operates in one location or several, we take the time to understand your concerns for location, cost per sq. ft., tenant improvements, stability and flexibility. Stable Development will create a lease agreement to ensure the terms support your business strategy.


      We’re Not Just A Landlord, We’re Your Partner


      “Shared Equity” is a partnership between Stable Development and professionals who want to own, instead of leasing, the commercial real estate their business occupies without a big cash investment. Stable calls these doctors, lawyers, CPA’s, engineers and business owners that become our partners, “Tenant Members.” Each building in Stable Development’s “Shared Equity” program is owned by a separate Limited Liability Company (LLC).
      Ownership of the LLC is divided between Stable and the Tenant Members who occupy the building. Stable acquires the land, provides all debt and equity development capital, designs and builds the building, and guarantees all real estate loans. By committing to standard terms of a commercial lease agreement, and custom designing the space of their dreams, Tenant Members are granted ownership in the LLC that owns the building.
      As a Tenant Member, participants in the “Shared Equity” program benefit from all aspects of commercial real estate ownership including: distributions of net cash flow, share of Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction, share of Depreciation Tax Benefit, and a substantial upside in the real estate’s value.


      • Distributions of Net Cash Flow
      • Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction
      • Depreciation Tax Benefit
      • Appreciation of Real Estate
      • Capital Gain from Future Sale

      ***Benefits not only build equity in the property, but the Tenant Members share of tax benefits and cash flow effectively reduces the monthly cost of their office by as much as 25%.

      ***A Tenant Member occupying 5,000 sq. ft. in Stable Development's "Shared Equity" program could create over $500,000 in equity in just a five year period.


      • Land Acquisition
      • Design
      • Construction
      • Loan Requirements
      • Partnership Capital Requirements
      • Leasing


      • Lease Commitment
      • Design Custom Office
      • Occupy Building